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Rochal Miller's Full Story

In 1995, God revealed to Rochal Miller that she was not at all the cubic zirconia that others carved her out to be, but she was something far greater; a diamond in a rough being molded into something resilient that only God could foresee. It has been during this journey that God has taken Rochal back through her own experiences, removing the view from the world, and replacing it with the foundation of the word in Jeremiah 29:11.  


Rochal Miller was created for and is committed to the building and restoration of women. Her own personal story of letdowns, rejection, and the healing thereof has created preparation for this process she is now implementing. She has an incredible ability to tap into the emotional, financial, and spiritual needs of women, and focuses on the process to deliver wholeness.

The Birthing of the Beehive 

The bumblebee is an amazing insect! Flying against all odds, the bumblebee beats scientific protocol by flying with wings that should be too small to support its body, but the bee not caring what man says, decided to fly anyway. 


To look at this creature, flying would seem impossible. Regardless of the appearance, obstacles, and, opinions of man the bumblebee was created to fly.


The flight of the bumblebee is one of purpose and destiny! Free 2 Bee Me is an organization dedicated to helping those who have faced life's obstacles and other's opinions of who they are, what they can bee and where they are in life! it's time to take flight and Go... It's time to fly... It's time to Bee Free! 

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